Norman Rockwell Museum presents the world’s largest collection of original Norman Rockwell art, including beloved paintings from The Saturday Evening Post and the Four Freedoms, and the best in the field of American illustration. Experience Rockwell’s art, life and legacy in the artist’s picturesque New England hometown of Stockbridge, Massachusetts nestled in the culturally rich Berkshires.


Art Students at Addis Ababa University School of Fine Arts

Addis Ababa University is located in the heart of the city off the main boulevard in the former palace of Emperor Haile Selassie. Students roam the campus with backpacks in an assortment of universal student attire from the uniform blue jeans and tee-shirts to traditional Ethiopian dress of infinite color and variety. With limited dormitory […]

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‘Ice Age’ To The Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios

“’Ice Age’ To The Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios”

On View June 11 through October 31, 2011 at Norman Rockwell Museum

A prehistoric squirrel scampers across an icy landscape, desperately clinging to his beloved acorn; a creative, young robot leaves his small town, with dreams of making it as a successful inventor; a rare, blue macaw travels to the exotic land of Rio de Janeiro in search of true love and adventure– in movies an intriguing story is essential, but how do these memorable characters and scenes become so animated? From “Ice Age” to “Rio,” this summer Norman Rockwell Museum shines a light on the creative process of one of today’s biggest computer animation studios–“’Ice Age’ To the Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios” will be on view at the Museum from June 11 through October 31, 2011.

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Chronicling The Journey That Saved Curious George

We look forward to welcoming writer/historian Louise Borden to to the Museum on Saturday, January 14, where she will share the remarkable true story of artists Margret and H. A. Rey, the subjects of her 2005 book The Journey That Saved Curious George. Ms. Borden will explain how the couple’s most popular creation may have ultimately saved their lives.

Enjoy this 2005 interview Louise Borden conducted about her book, which would go on to inspire the exhibition currently on view at Norman Rockwell Museum.

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The Four Freedoms in Ethiopia

The State Department of the United States of America is actively using cultural diplomacy as a strategy for building bridges with cultures and nations around the world. Ambassador Donald Booth and his wife, retired foreign service officer, Anita Booth, live in a home called Roosevelt House and learned that 2011 was the 70th anniversary of President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms. This inspired the idea to hold an art competition for Ethiopian Artists to render their interpretations of the Four Freedoms today in Ethiopia.

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Norman Rockwell Museum’s “Witnessing History” Performance Series Presents “Ain’t I A Woman: The Story of Sojourner Truth”

Norman Rockwell Museum’s “Witnessing History” performance series continues with “Ain’t I A Woman: The Story of Sojourner Truth,” to be presented Saturday, February 26, starting at 5 p.m. Actress Debra Zuill will portray the inspirational civil rights leader, evangelist, and abolitionist from the 1800s in a one-woman performance that brings history to bear on issues […]

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